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to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Department of Wallberg Apotheke (Pharmacy) in Tegernsee, Germany.

As Pharmacists, we are fully trained in understanding the ins and outs of Western medicine. Furthermore, as a well established Pharmacy of over 60 years, we are fully able to meet all your medication needs in order for you to maintain health, prevent illness and treat minor ailments.  However, we are also fully aware that Western medicine is not the only way to achieving a healthy mind and body. Natural therapies such as Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have various origins and philosophies, thus differing significantly from Western medicine. This apparent contradiction between differing healing methods and therapies play an essential role in supporting and regenerating health.

Take a moment to consider an old Indian tale involving 3 blind men who have to describe an elephant. One touches the tail and says ' The elephant is long and thin'. The second touches the body and proclaims' The elephant is broad like a wall'. The third touches the tusks and declares the elephant to be long, smooth and sharp. Which one of the blind men is correct? As we know, they are all right. This anecdote clearly portrays the mystery and undiscovered secrets of the human body and mind. Each medical theory and philosophy describes and heals in its own accordance; rightly deserving it’s a place.

Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasizes on the body’s own ability to regenerate and heal through prevention of diseases by optimizing Qi (Life-energy) and Xue (Life-blood) quality and flow. The corner stone of TCM is the Phytotherapy or Herbal Therapy where it contributes to unleashing the body’s own self-healing power.

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